1. Program’s Purposes – PPGEC


- Qualifying spaces and formative times for new researchers in Science Teaching;

- Broadening the understanding of the formative dynamics, pedagogical practices and curricula in Sciences from researches at the Graduate level - strictu sensu;

- Ensuring the training of researchers from the research contexts of the teaching field, starting from educational practices, public policies, contents of Science Teaching and the formative reasons that emerge from the educational contexts;

- Developing research, teaching and guidance, at the stricto sensu Graduate level, at Program’s Field of Study: Science Teaching;


- Producing knowledge through scientific articles and disseminating scientific production (teachers and students) in periodicals qualified by CAPES [Brazilian Federal Agency for Support and Evaluation of Graduate Education];

- Consolidating lines of research of the Program through the research projects of the professors and the dissertations produced, contributing to the formation of new researchers from the scientific initiation in a model articulated with the initial training in the UFFS Undergraduate Courses of: Biological Sciences, Physics and Chemistry ;

- Creating conditions for the improvement of teacher education to carry out teaching and research activities in Science Teaching;

- Training, at a Graduate level, professionals capable of analyzing and intervening, through innovative strategies, in teaching and learning situations and in the training of teachers in the field of Science Teaching;

- Making possible the contact with the scientific production of the field of Science Teaching in order to stimulate contemplations on the state of the art of its research theme, as well as in teaching and training processes that make significant advances for the development of the research field and for the pedagogical practice of teachers at different levels of education;

- Integrating the program into actions of the UFFS by its PDI, and the Deanship of Graduate Studies and Research (PROPEG) in particular, demarcating spaces and formative times for the Region of the Missions, in a critical, developmental and transforming way of the reality of the southern frontier, in which we are inserted;

- Developing exchange processes and collaborating with national and foreign research centers in the area of Science Teaching as a way to broaden the knowledge networks, participation in the dissemination of the program productions and the possibilities of innovation and advances in the field of study through interaction between programs and research networks;

- Creating and consolidating an electronic journal in the field of Science Teaching: Insignare Scientia;

- Training masters in Science Teaching’s Field of Study as agents of research, innovation, teaching and transformation of diverse educational realities.